Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monicelli Showed The Way

“And what about Monicelli”.
“Man, I'm still thinking about him. I mean...”
“What an ending”
“One of his best”.
“Just like... you know, the Last of Amici Miei. When all your friends have gone and your family doesn't care ...”.
“And you don't care for them neither”.
“Then one day you go to the hospital, and they tell you, well... six months. And you jump off”.
“At the hospital”.
“Yeah, that's it. At the hospital. Right time, right place. You don't go home to write silly goodbye notes”.
“Fuck the notes, you're leaving”.
“And you don't jump out your window. You don't crash on your neighbour's car”.
“Jumping on your neighbour's car is for assholes”
“You don't want to scare your neighbours' kids to death. You really don't want to hurt anybody”.
“'cause you really don't care about anybody ”.
“Right time right place, and no funeral. What a movie”.
“His best movie since...”
“Don't know. I can't remember a movie he directed in the last twenty years”.
“His last one was about fascists in Ethiopia”.
“Have you seen it?”
“I borrowed it at the public library, once”.
“Was it good?”
“Don't know. I've never really had the time to watch it. I mean... Would you really spend an evening home watching an Italian movie about fascists in Ethiopia? After a week, I had to bring it back”.
“Fucking public libraries”.
“But I'm going to borrow it again. He's my hero, now”.
“Right. Maybe we'll forget his movies, but we'll always remember the way he got out”.
“He showed us the way”.
“Did he?”
“Have you ever think about it? What will you do when you'll be 90 and alone?”
“I don't think I'll ever...”
“You're wrong. Average life expectancy is increasing. And in the future there will be less and less untreatable diseases. They'll find some cure for cancer, some cure for AIDS...”
“They'll be expensive”.
“That's the point. One day we'll have to decide if we really want to be treated or not. If we're worth the money”.
“The church won't be happy about that”.
“Exactly. They will force us to spend our last cents. But what if we just want to leave some to our grandchildren?”
“They will lock us in sanatories. Nuns at the watchtowers”.
“What if we will be simply tired? We'll have to choose the right time to jump”.
“I don't think I'll ever jump”.
“What will you do, then? Have you ever thought about it?”
“Sometimes I think about drugs”.
“You mean...”
“Heroin. I've always been curious about it. I'd like to try it, before I go”.
“When you're 90”.
“Or 80. When I won't be able to watch after my grandchildren. Of course I can't get addicted to some shit while I'm nursing”.
“You don't want to sell their milk for dope”.
“Right. But when I'll be useless to everybody... who cares? I think I could get some heroin then”.
“And where do you think you'll get it? You'll be old and doddering”.
“I don't know. On the internet, maybe. Or I'll take a walk in the park, just like when we were kids, d'you remember?”
“The circle of life”.
“I'll spend some money, relieve some pain, have some fun, and then one day...”
“You get an overdose”.
“Or a bad cut dose. One day I'll inject some strychnine in my vein, and that will be all. No nuns, no watchtowers. The end”.
“I still like best Monicelli's one”.
“I know, he was great. But I suffer vertigo”.

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